Personal Program For Children and Adolescents

Physical activity for your children and adolescents is extremely important. If they are fit and create a healthy attitude in their life they will with luck pass that on to the next generation. Training with one of our Personal Trainers is safe for your child and can also help to reduce injury risks when they do other activities. Physical activity with children enhances bone development and boosts their self-confidence. Your child will benefit from working out with a Personal Trainer in a fun, safe and professional environment.

Along with the "work-out" part, it’s also important to watch what children eat. These days we all know that it seems to be getting harder for many parents to feed them properly. Scientists and the ‘World Health Organisation’ know that in 10 years obesity and diabetes will be twice as common as they currently are. The big problems are the ‘Trans Fatty’ acids and the sugars in our food. Fizzy drinks, cakes, pre-packed foods and crisps are just a few of the edible elements that should be reduced in our foods. In general children should be encouraged to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and unprocessed foods. It’s not always easy to change these habits, but you’ll see that by achieving these goals, they’ll ultimately feel better and enjoy improved performance in studying and extra-curricular activities.

Remember, children look up to their parents. Helping them to create a healthy attitude starts by setting a good example.