General Information

  1. Who are We?
    The Personal Trainer Belgium - team are university qualified sport trainers and physiotherapists. They were selected on the basis of their knowledge and ability in order to guarantee you the best service and quality. On regular basis the trainers follow courses in order to give you the most recent and efficient training
  2. Who do we train?
    Since many years we train and motivate people of all levels and ages: We have the experience to work with all levels and ages, from busy executives to children and adolescents, from top sportsmen and women to housewives or models, as well as those rehabilitating from illness or injury.
  3. Your Goals!
    We train people with all kind of goals. Often they have more than one of the following goals.
    • be fit (again)
    • conditional improve
    • power training
    • flexibility training
    • weight control
    • weight loss
    • prevention of Back and other complains
    • build more muscle mass
    • Rehablitation
    • learn new sports
    • complementary physical training in order to perform in their specific sport

    In order to reach your goals, we also work together with University Medical teams such as: Sports Laboratory, Cardiologists, Podiatrists, Sports Doctors, Osteopaths, Dietists…
  4. Where do we deliver our services?
    We cover the whole of Belgium, when and where you like: in the gym, outdoors or at your home. Particularly in the large area around : Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Leuven, Brugge, Mechelen, Namur and Liège.
  5. Did you know…
    There is roughly a 80% drop-out in gyms because people don't get the results they want or they get injuries because they don't know the right techniques to train. Almost everyone who trains for longer and wants real results trains with a Personal Trainer.
    If your time is of the utmost importance, contact us. We 'll help you to achieve your goals quicker and in a fun, safe and motivating way.

Contact us for free and under no obligation to discover how we can help you.