"Xavier changed my life"
Middle aged, unfit always tired. Remedy? Roll back the years by getting fit. It was a tall order, I had never worked out, never run, never lifted weights, the trainer had his work cut out. But Xavier made it all happen, within one and a half years, a sedentary, pasty-faced tired lawyer gave way to a fit, keen, half marathon runner. Xavier changed my life with his patience and encouragement and I can never look back.

Director, Public Affairs - Lawyer

"Xavier focussed on my weak points"
During my professional life Iíve put on weight and during the last year, I started to have back problems. I had known for a long time that I had to do something about my weight and high blood pressure. After visiting a dietician my weight stabilised but did not decrease. I also had a restriction in moving my shoulder after I broke it about 2 years ago.

When I met Xavier, we started to work on my general condition and we focussed on my weak points. I feel much fitter, my blood pressure has decreased dramatically and IĎve lost many kilos. My shoulder is now almost as flexible previously and I donít feel my problems with my back. When I meet people I havenít seen for a few months, they all spontaneously mention the differences they see in my condition.

Company Director - Aged 50

"Itís lovely to feel mobile and active once again."
Xavier worked with me on a full fitness program and gave me advice about my daily activities. He also gave me an additional program of 5-10 minutes a day to train my back. I have just started with my walking group again, which was great. I do feel that I now have more stamina to deal with the pressures of my job and my family life. Itís lovely to feel mobile and active once again.

Teacher, wife and mother - Age 49

"Xavierís passion for his work have been the key to my new-found fitness."
Like most people, I knew I was unfit and that I would benefit from taking some form of exercise, but I could not motivate myself sufficiently to go out in the rain and snow after work! I did not want to join a gym and exercise alone. Xavier was recommended to me by friends two years ago. During a Ďno-obligationí first meeting, he persuaded me to undertake a cardiovascular program and to train to strengthen my muscles and improve my flexibility. The equipment he provides is not expensive. My job is very demanding so the fact that we train in and near my home, and at times that can be flexible, is a big plus.
Within a month or so of training twice a week I began to feel much fitter and my general health and stamina increased as well. I recently had to undertake a medical for insurance purposes and took the same cardio test I had taken a few years before; the doctor congratulated me on the significant improvements I had made! I also enjoy the fact I have lost weight and a dress size or two. I am convinced that Xavierís passion for his work, his knowledge and determination, allied to a friendly and fun attitude, have been the key to my new-found fitness.

Retail Director Clothes business

"I have more energy and enjoy being complimented on how good I look!"
Xavier was recommended to me by a friend. Despite being only 30, bringing up two boys meant I hadnít found the time to get fit. I have always been slim, but after several strenuous sessions I really noticed a difference to my muscle tone and general health. I have more energy and enjoy being complimented on how good I look! I find it very difficult to motivate myself to go jogging or cycling or go to a gym. So Xavier knocking at the door (even on a cold winterís night, not so welcome!) has been the ideal solution.

Wife and mother - Age 30